The United Methodist City Society offers grants to its member churches to support their various ministries and programs. To begin the application process for a grant, start with filling out the initial grant request form. At this time we are currently unable to provide funding or grants for any capital improvement or building related projects.

Next Steps

1. Download and complete the initial grant request form and email it to

2. Once your initial application is reviewed, a more detailed application will be emailed to the church for completion. This application will require additional visioning and information.

3. If you require any assistance during the grant process, you may contact the City Society for assistance from staff and/ or from the committees that will review your request.


Congregations that are member churches of the United Methodist City Society.  If your congregation is located within the Long Island East, Long Island West, Metropolitan and the New York-Connecticut districts you are welcome to submit an initial grant request form.

Grant requests will be processed by the appropriate committee of the City Society, depending on the type of grant funding requested, and will be submitted for approval to the Board of Directors. 

Grant applications will be accepted year round.  Applications will be due 3 weeks prior to the scheduled Board Meeting.  The Board of Directors meetings are held on the third Friday in January, March, May, September and December.

If you have any questions, or require any assistance, at any point during the grant process you may reach out to the Executive Team of the City Society:

Rev. Angela M. Redman – Executive Director / CEO

April Callender – Associate Executive Director

Jessica Ellis, C.A. – Chief Financial Officer


All initial grant requests and applications should be sent to: