Our Mission

UMCS acts as an agent of change for United Methodist Churches, its members and the community at large. We do this by sponsoring programs and creating partnerships that:

Support churches in their development, through the offering of spiritual, management, leadership, consultative and financial resources consistent with their mission context;

Facilitate the implementation of church-managed education, daycare, outreach and fellowship programs for members and the surrounding community;

Promote the education and development of children and youth in our communities; and

Enable individuals to overcome destructive addictions, and equip them to re-enter the larger community.

Why We Are Effective

UMCS mobilizes it’s resources to best support and empower our churches and programs.

We identify both existing and potential areas of need. We understand that diversity leads to excellence and use our pool of talents among lay and clergy to implement practical and effective solutions. These talents rise from our networks with interfaith and ecumenical organizations and its leaders.

We adhere to a disciplined process in selecting and managing our philanthropic investments as well as in measuring the end results.